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Kat V


Kat V is now primarily available at our new Hollywood/Los Angeles Temple Location!

*You may still book Kat at the Newport Beach location, with advanced notice, with an added fee.

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Let go. 

Of fear. Of judgment. Of stress. Of life outside this moment.
Set the world aside.

Become fully present in your body. 

Nothing exists but Now.

Dive into this inward journey of healing and blissful sensory activation.

Give in to your desires and curiosities for otherworldly experiences.

This is a self care ritual. 

This is healthy. 

This is human. 


Allow Kat to take you on a 5 Star sensory experience through the realms of Tantra, sensory delights, therapeutic touch and healing energy. With 9 years of Tantric massage experience,

Kat offers intelligent teachings and unique, deeply connected and guided session experiences.

Kat is here to hold a safe and comforting space with you, to invite you to surrender your fears and tears and past traumas... Holding a Tantric caldron of possibilities, no matter what you may need to process or explore. 


A Dakini’s role is to be a mirror and conduit for the transcendence of energetic love, embracing both light and shadow within you, which are inextricably linked in a metaphysical battle across space and time.

A session with Kat can be as deep and connected as your aligned energies lead you.

For Kat, this is not a belief system, nor is it a faith, but a way of celebrating our human selves, embracing the dance of life. Allowing yourself this practice will help you come to terms with yourself, your needs and your desires, it will open up a deeper understanding of your partner.


A true artist of the sensory realm, Kat embraces and specializes in introducing shadow play to all who are curious and willing to trust. 9 years of cultivating, crafting and teaching her very own “Ties” experience unlike any others... An exploratory experience designed to expand your sensory boundaries at any level you are at… A one of a kind tactile journey that pushes you to that edgy line between worlds, never to be forgotten.

Allow her cat-like prowess and mesmerizing, skillful touch to captivate and enchant you!

Kat welcomes Men, Women, Trans, Non-Binary & Couples!  She adores facilitating and watching two people connect and blossom into revitalized energy and love.



9 years of full-time hands on professional experience, in body work, Tantric massage, sensory activation & energy healing. Creator & teacher of Kink & Ties workshops. Trained over a dozen new Dakini’s into the Tantric Arts. Reiki certified level II, by Kristen Dwan (Abhayada Aranya, Reiki Master) of the Healing Woods Reiki. Coached, trained and worked alongside with Violet Jolie (20+ years of professional Tantra practice, & certified/ trained/ participated through dozens of bay area Tantra, breath work, kundalini work shops, & Somatica healing certified). Received therapeutic bodywork training with Stacey Harris (CMT of 20+ years). Shamanic Temple Bodywork Training & 3 years of professional Temple Dakini Priestess work. Tantra Training from Tantra Dakini expert Luna Lauren. Various Energy, Healing & Communications workshops @ Harbin Hotsprings. A lifetime of trauma awareness through 20+ years of personal therapy starting at childhood.


"I thought it was unreasonable to imagine that someone could not only exceed my expectations, but leave me completely speechless. Wow. Everything about meeting her was far and beyond what I could have hoped for. Kat connects, and with this connection she literally chased the unhappiness right out of me. She's my new favorite person. 🙂"

"When mere mortals cannot describe anything by scientific means they automatically assume that the phenomenon is either supernatural, other-worldly, or that it was a miracle granted by a higher being. I stepped into Kat V.'s temple and there really are no words to describe the experience I felt with her. I literally uttered the words "Impossible.." when Kat was nearly done with our Tantric Massage Session. I was there, but I still couldn't believe that such a beautiful, caring, and warm Goddess would ever give me her utmost divine attention. I left with the feeling of walking on clouds, and even a day after I still feel like I'm floating. Kat, thank you so much for such an awesomely uplifting experience. I will visit your temple again very soon."

"I was seeking an experienced tantra practitioner to get me out of the funk I was in and clear negative energy. Boy did I come to the right place! I saw Kat, and she blew my world open with insights and connections I didn’t have before. She aligned my energy and renewed my whole body and soul so that I could approach life with renewed perspective. I have learned and experienced so much about myself with Kat’s guidance, she is truly one of a kind talented and delightful human. I since have been in multiple times for new and different experiences and I feel amazing every time. You are in good hands with Kat! Trust and be open to the process, you will be thankful you did. This ritual has become the highlight of my life and I look forward to seeing her every single month. It’s my reward for working hard and way to celebrate being human."


"I have experienced many Tantric massages from all kinds of practitioners and in many places around the world. When I found Kat, I was amazed at the level of care, expertise and genuine knowledge she offered. These tantricas are the real deal. I have seen many who claim they are offering tantra, but it wasn't real tantra. Kat offers a genuine experience, so long as you are open to it, and willing to participate in the journey. My spine tingles and my heart is bursting with love just thinking of my time with her."


“Journey of Enchantment...

Experience far surpassed expectations and the depth of imagination. Kat starts the experience by understanding you, your personality, and the journey one would imagine to traverse. She transcends the journey as a story with the art of her hands and tangible sensory.

She ensures to focus on every detail at hand and her progression is gradual leaving no stone unturned. Each stage of the story is very vivid and starts with a masterful introduction awakening all the senses. During the experience you are truly able to let go of all thoughts and be immersed with the present moment. Her setting is very decorative and exemplifies a mystical temple - full of magic, art, and cleanliness. This was truly a magical journey that no amount of words or selection type can translate.

Kat, thank you for the experience of this incredible journey.”



“I'm still thinking about it!

This review is a couple of months overdue- I got the opportunity to see Kat when I was in town and WOW. She is truly a gem. I was a bit nervous, as I hadn't seen anyone for tantra in several years, but she put me totally at ease the moment I stepped through the door. Her location is nice and quiet, and her room was nicely appointed.

If you're looking for a unique experience with someone who really understands tantra, pick her. She is a lovely person and is well worth it.”



“Experience of a lifetime!

A session with Kat is an unbelievably well orchestrated experience that will literally make you feel like you've reached nirvana. I did 1.5 hours and wish it still lasted longer. The whole experience from beginning to end is just on a whole other level. Communication, location, and all that were super easy. She provides a shower before and after. I cannot wait until my next session. Highly highly recommend and experience with Kat!”



“A one-of-a-kind experience...

I saw Kat last week for a Tantric Ties sessions. This was not my first massage like this, but first with some light BDSM. I was a bit nervous but Kat put me right at ease and talked through everything with me: my experience, expectations, limits, etc. I was very comfortable the entire time and Kat proved to be a very beautiful and talented provider. Her confidence and willingness to provide me with a new and satisfying experience was recognizable from the jump. Screening was quick and simple. Her in-call location is great, upscale, comfortable and quiet. The session itself was nothing short of fantastic. I felt safe but had surrendered myself completely to her and the bliss was on another level. Yes, it's a bit expensive but the whole experience is worth it, and I can't wait to see Kat again!”



“Amazing massage experience...

Kat provides an absolutely amazing massage service. She has a strong positive energy and is so kind and welcoming. From the moment I arrived to when I left she made me feel at home, and took care of me so well. She has a magic touch, and is a true expert at massage. I left with my whole body tingling feeling extremely calm and satisfied. I will definitely going back to see Kat again in the near future. I highly recommend. Thank you Kat!”



“My first visit but not the last...

Met with Kat for the first time yesterday and I was apprehensive going in having had a bad experience with Tantra in the past. Let me tell you she made a believer out of me. She is very knowledgeable in her craft and quite the expert. She does not just provide a massage or Tantra, she is a true specialist in a unique blended experience of massage/tantra/domination. If you select her Tantra Ties experience, you will be very pleased at the tenderness and yet strictness in which she captivates your mind and body combined to an awesome finale. She was quite easy to connect with and set up a first time visit for this newbie to her world. While the donation may seem high to some, it was worth every penny. Do not go to her expecting FS, that is not what she is about, for those who get into it you will find this far better.

Highly recommend this great and beautiful lady.”


“A magical adventure...

Kat makes me feel so welcomed and safe that is no surprise I keep coming back. On my last session I went to see Kat for my first ever tantra ties. It was different but amazing at the same time. I let go of all possible control and trust that Kat will take care of all my needs with a very sensory session. The session was true bliss and I highly recommended it to everyone. This is a good opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and explore the divine power of tantra. Thank you Kat for your amazing touch and session.”



“A wonderful experience!

I've seen Kat twice now for tantric sessions. It really helped awaken the spirit! I was dealing with some personal issues at the time and her tantric touch and coaching put me at ease. Both times I felt so relaxed I drifted off into an "out of body experience". It was definitely dreamy!

Kat is also extremely nice and polite, she has a wonderful caring personality that will make you feel right at home. She has bright intelligent eyes and a beautiful smile. I also love her tattoos- they accentuate her so well! Looking forward to next time!”



“Wonderful session...

Humble, great-spirit- about- her, naturally beautiful woman who has an inviting kind smile. Ambience of massage room, her whole location could not have been better. Her techniques are far more than just her touch (sounds, breathing, more). This adorable darling is the best at putting you at ease, explaining all about this artistic massage practice if this is unknown to you, which it was to me. I already call it a 'good addiction'. Even being beyond lovely and rather petite, wondrous... Kat has nimble hands and her touch is surprisingly firm, solid! Follow her guidance on breathing, surrender to & trust her, results in a mind-blowing experience. Was NO doubt one of THE most intensely relaxing, physically and mentally things I've ever done. To say I'll be back regularly with enthusiasm is an understatement. Truly the real deal Goddess Kat you're sweet and heavenly! -Poetic Pete”



“You'll want to come back as soon as you're done...

Kat is amazing what can I say! She matches your rhythm beat for beat and never stops. My first session with her was heaven and I cannot wait until the next. Don't sleep on this lady. She will put your mind and body at complete ease! She welcomes you in and from the beginning to end you never stop wanting more. I don't know how else to put this, but she will change your life. Book her today!”



“Tantric Bliss With Kat...

I was curious about tantra and so I decided to book a 90-min appointment with Kat. I was not disappointed! Kat is an extremely thoughtful and talented masseuse, and was a great teacher. Her incall is in a very nice and upscale location in Newport Beach. I'd highly recommend her if you're curious about tantra, meditative arts, or if you just want a great, relaxing, full-body massage. Thanks Kat!”



“Definitely relaxed...

Saw Kat recently after seeing her ad for some time. I'm glad I decided to as that was an incredible experience. Kat is beautiful and knows what she's doing. She hosts at a clean, safe incall--- even has a shower provided. She will talk to you and get to understand what you're looking for during the session. The hour long session flew by as I didn't want the experience to end. I left feeling fully relaxed, despite arriving soaked from the rain. The knot in my back is gone too! Thank you!”



“Hop on, Kat will take you on a journey!

A session with Kat is truly beyond a typical encounter. She listens to your intentions for your time together and crafts an experience to your desire, and one that lets you submit to her spell. Her techniques utilize all the senses and allow you to let your mind wander and give into the pleasure. Booking is easy, responsiveness is great, the space is top notch. If you're looking for a transcendent experience, look no further!”

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