Good news! We have both been fully vaccinated & boosted against the Covid-19 virus, and are now able to offer mask-free sessions to patrons who are also vaccinated!

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 Kat V

Violet Jolie

Kat & Violet

"double goddess"



Our goal is to guide you into self awareness, embodiment and self discovery, release the stresses of everyday life,  heal trauma, awaken your senses, nourish you from head to toe and bring ecstatic bliss to your mind, body & soul. We invite you to open your hearts to receiving love and learning how to respect and honor one another.


We ARE: Independent, college educated, tantric massage practitioners, love coaches, muses and creative provocateurs all rolled into one! We have a decade plus experience in the Tantric arts.


🙏🏻  Namaste. 🙏🏻







    •  BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Text us to book!  Our general hours of availability are Weekdays, 10am-6pm

    •  PRE-BOOKING: Availability varies so Pre-booking a day or more in advance is strongly encouraged especially if you wish to book earlier or later than our general hours.

    •  SAME-DAY BOOKINGS: At least 2 hours notice generally needed for all apts.

    •  EVENING & WEEKEND apts sometimes available with day before booking or early Sat morning requests. 

    •  “NOW” requests typically not available. We do not live where we work. We do not work in the middle of the night.


**We invite you to shift your thinking from “immediate gratification”, to “healthy self care ritual practice”.

What can your body experience and what can you learn about yourself when its not pressured with immediacy? **





We love clients who respect us and our time by communicating!


    •  CANCELLATIONS: If you are going to be late or need to cancel for any reason, (including getting cold feet), please let us know asap! Don’t ghost! No canceling within 2 hours of your session time.

    •  NO-SHOW’s with zero communication will not be welcomed back unless you pay a $75 no-show fee to the therapist you ghosted upon your next visit.



Honor US and our TIME, and we will honor you with our teachings, our skilled hands & bodies, our energetic touch and our love.





We have been fully vaccinated and  boostered!

Submit your Vax Card or recent Negative Covid Test to be mask free in your session.


New, Featured or Visiting Therapists 

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*Featured Therapists may only be with us for limited visits.  Please call us for specific availability.*