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Our Sessions


Double Goddess Bliss Massage

      1 hr  |  $680
90 mins  |  $1020
     2 hrs  |  $1360

Bliss Massage

     1 hr  |  $340
90mins  |  $510
    2 hrs  |  $680

The Body of Bliss Massage takes you on a loving and healing journey as you receive sacred touch, massage, energy work and body to body sensations. 

Using deeper and lighter pressure, an array of bodywork modalities and flowing waves of touch and energy, sound and breath; you will experience bliss from head to toe!

This is an opportunity to let go and receive our sacred offerings of unconditional love and therapeutic touch. 

The intention of the Body of Bliss Massage is to transport you to a place where you can surrender fully and allow deeper healing and love to nourish and awaken your entire being. 

Double Goddess Tantra

      1 hr  |  $680
90 mins  |  $1020
     2 hrs  |  $1360
  2.5 hrs  |  $1700


      1 hr  |  $340
90 mins  |  $510
     2 hrs  |  $680
 2.5 hrs   |  $850
    3 hrs   |  $1020

The Tantra session is normally a 90min minimum experience.  90-min tantra is a perfect introductory/1st time session to give a you the basics and help you understand what tantra is all about, if you resonate with it and begin to experience an energetic body awakening.  2-3 hr tantra sessions dive deep into the realm of true tantric healing and focus on re-sensitizing, mastering energetic control as well as elongating the eb & flow of tantric wave pattern.

Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork is a combination of Body of Bliss Massage and experiential Tantric principles. This is our Session Du Jour!! A 90minute+ session is recommended in order to dive deep into this interactive journey with some mutual engagement infused with deep receiving.


This session is perfect for anyone wanting to learn more about Tantra for further use in their own personal life as well as for those seeking a very special experience that takes them beyond normal reality into the magical realm of body wisdom and  a tantric trance state. 


Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork involves a Sacred Tantric Ritual while sitting in Yab Yum (Lover's Pose), eye gazing, toning, breathing and deeply connecting in mindfulness and divine love.


You will be gently and lovingly guided with touch, breath and instruction. All you have to do is simply receive and remain open to this special journey of activation and healing.


The invocation of sacred Tantric principles can provide an awakening of energies in the body that promote a greater sense of well being and a deeper awareness of the self on many levels. 


Sensory Awakening

90 mins  |  $590
     2 hrs  |  $790
  2.5 hrs  |  $980
     3 hrs  |  $1180

Double Goddess Sensory Awakening

90 mins  |  $1180
     2 hrs  |  $1580
  2.5 hrs  |  $1960

90 mins is the minimum needed to experience this blended journey. 

2 hrs is highly recommended so you can fully dive into the experience at a slower dreamy pace. 

2.5-3 hrs of this offering allows for a divine exploration, with all the bells and whistles and still have plenty of time for luxurious lingering paced bodywork. 

This offering was designed with the intention of awakening your senses… taking you on a spine-tingling journey from head to toe! Over a dozen luxurious, high quality sensory toys will be gently and expertly used, guiding you into a deeply embodied and ecstatic state of presence. This session is the perfect blend of sensory play that’s melts into a heightened level of Bliss massage… a fun and explorative  journey that will enhance your bliss and take you to new heights!

Tantra Ties

      1 hr  |  $410
90 mins  |  $620
     2 hrs  |  $820
  2.5 hrs  |  $1030
     3 hrs  |  $1230

Double Goddess Tantra Ties

      1 hr  |  $820
90 mins  |  $1240
     2 hrs  |  $1640

The 90-min Ties session is the full version of this epic session.  1-hr Ties sessions are simply a partial version of the original, cutting some elements out of the experience and at a faster pace.  2-3 hr Ties sessions incorporate a perfect blend of Bliss massage, Tantric ritual & wave pattern as well as the Ties sensory exploratory journey.

The art of Tantra Ties

Out of the womb of Dark Tantra & Loving Restraint, while bathed in the Love and Light of Tantra...

This is a multi-dimensional exploratory experience designed to expand your sensory boundaries. This specialty session is not about playing with ‘dark bondage’, nor is it about pain or humiliation, but rather a journey about cultivating trust & learning how to completely surrender in to the capable hands of your Tantric Priestess.


Be prepared to go on a journey of pure enchantment. You will be softly restrained & lightly blind-folded, while a variety of soft tools, sound and pure sense-enhancement techniques are used in a most elegant & playful way. Focusing on your tactile satisfaction, using a unique combination of ancient esoteric techniques. My intention is simply to activate you beyond your perceived boundaries. Not for the faint of heart…


**The Ultimate VIP**
(2 therapists)


     4 hrs  |  $4000

*Due to the level of extravagance, we recommend this journey to be received in

its original format (with the 2 therapists), although we can accommodate one therapist if preferred.  Also please inquire about this VIP Treatment for Couples!

*A minimum of 3 days advanced booking is requested to arrange this retreat. 🙏🏻

**The Ultimate VIP**


Retreat Extraordinaire! Join us for the most decadent journey of pure pampering and delight with 2-Goddess!  Unwind for a delicious 1/2 day tantric adventure, in the lap of luxury, adoration and rapture... Let us spoil you in every way possible. The ultimate VIP indulgence!


This 4 hour journey will include:

• Ritual Aphrodisiac tea ceremony

• Refreshments & adoring food play

• Sacred Exotic Dance Serenade

• Decadent Bubble Bath

• Champagne & Caviar

• Silk pajama cuddle puddle!

• 2-hr Tantric Massage with hot oil

• Hot stones, foot pampering, sensory immersion & sound bath.


This is a truly unique and one of a kind experience! Be adored from head to toe as the King or Queen that you are, as we lavish you in a cacophony of sensory delights, ritual and tantalizing massage.🔥


Add-On Offerings

•Customized session: Alter your session to focus more or less of the allocated time to specific areas, or request something off menu: $50 - $100**

•CBD oil (for soothing sore or stressed muscles): $50*

•THC lube (this awakens areas applied to, not the brain): $50*

•Herbal aphrodisiac (Maca /cocoa tea): $20

•Basic Male Sacred Spot Awareness: $60**

•Advanced Male Sacred Spot Awareness: $100**

•Hot Stones: $50

*Can be added to ANY session from our main menu.

*Can be added at time of booking or in person in beg of session.

**Please add this during the verbal beginning session discussion, in person only. Please do not discuss this over phone or text.

The Mystic Island Temple
-Newport Beach, CA
-Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA

(We communicate through TEXT)

*Please unblock your phone.

*For international callers please see FAQ for contact

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