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Kat V
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Violet is a renowned teacher, somatic therapist and very highly skilled in the ecstatic arts. She specializes in Tantra, Tantra Ties and Intimacy Coaching for men, women and couples. 

Her warm presence and intuitive touch will guide you and nurture your body mind and spirit. Her midwestern charm and trustworthy demeanor will put you at ease as she melts your stresses away and helps to reveal your authentic loving self.

Sometimes advanced Tantric healing skills are necessary in a session and sometimes loving presence is all that is needed to facilitate your healing and re-connection to your pure essence. Violet gently invites you to dance between the worlds with her as she lovingly weaves together loving and therapeutic touch as well as deep connection. 

Because of the depth of Violet's sessions, 90 minutes + is encouraged. She moves slowly and gracefully so you can savor each moment and sink into the slower pace of your body's wisdom. You are invited to nourish yourself with the gift of touch while in Violet's divine care. 💗 She'll put a big smile on your face and a bounce in your step! 


''What a fun and charming woman! Violet completely rocked my world and introduced me to a new level of bliss that I never new existed before. My body unconditionally thanks her for the pleasure and relaxation she has been able to provide.''


''I saw Violet for the second time and I had even a better tantric experience that was just pure joy. She is very beautiful inside and out. I felt very good and the memory of her wonderful touch lasted all day. What a beautiful and sensuous woman.''


''Violet is comfortable, gorgeous, and an absolute expert at what she does. Her words and energy made me feel treasured and genuinely cared for during our time together. She is an excellent conversationalist, is happy to accommodate personal needs, and has the softest touch imaginable. Loving and wonderful; will repeat and would recommend!''


''A true tantrika and healer. A genuine daughter of the Goddess. To rate her is to miss the point -- if you open your heart, she is what you seek.''

Kat is a true artist of the sensory realm. Highly experienced in Tantra as well as the creator and teacher of her very own specialty 'Tantra Ties' session unlike any others... a sensory journey never to be forgotten!

Allow Kat to take you on a 5 Star sensory experience through the realms of Tantra, sensory delights, therapeutic touch and healing energy. Specializing in the art of Tantra Ties, a tactile, multi-dimensional journey designed to expand your sensory boundaries... an experience that plays with that edgy line between worlds.

She will awaken a more positive and inspired energy within you and rid you of the stagnant stress energy that comes with day to day life.

For Kat, this is not a belief system, nor is it a faith, but a way of celebrating our human selves, embracing the dance of life. Allowing yourself this practice will help you come to terms with yourself, your needs and your desires, it will open up a deeper understanding of your partner.

Allow her cat-like prowess and mesmerizing, skillful touch to captivate and enchant you!

Kat welcomes men, women and Couples!  She adores facilitating and watching two people connect and blossom into revitalized energy and love.

"I thought it was unreasonable to imagine that someone could not only exceed my expectations, but leave me completely speechless. Wow. Everything about meeting her was far and beyond what I could have hoped for. Kat connects, and with this connection she literally chased the unhappiness right out of me. She's my new favorite person. 🙂"

"When mere mortals cannot describe anything by scientific means they automatically assume that the phenomenon is either supernatural, other-worldly, or that it was a miracle granted by a higher being. I stepped into Kat V.'s temple and there really are no words to describe the experience I felt with her. I literally uttered the words "Impossible.." when Kat was nearly done with our Tantric Massage Session. I was there, but I still couldn't believe that such a beautiful, caring, and warm Goddess would ever give me her utmost divine attention. I left with the feeling of walking on clouds, and even a day after I still feel like I'm floating. Kat, thank you so much for such an awesomely uplifting experience. I will visit your temple again very soon."

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